February 10, 2016

Halfway through the competition an all REIT investment strategy outperforms a diverse portfolio of real estate investment selections

(February 10, 2016) – Teams from 15 prominent universities across the United States received the second quarter results from the Real Confidence™ University Portfolio Challenge, a year-long competition that allows university students to gain hands-on experience in public and private commercial real estate investing.

Increasing their lead, Texas Christian University (“TCU”) achieved a return of 19.04% after two quarters; their second quarter results well outperforming their first quarter return of 8.42%. TCU’s 40% allocation to self-storage REITs posted a 16.76% return in the quarter and contributed a weighted return of 6.7% to their total portfolio. The University of Chicago followed the TCU strategy and allocated their entire portfolio (a theoretical $1 billion) to the REIT sector. It has paid off by landing them in second place, but still over a 600 basis point gap to reach first. Georgia State University, the highest ranked diverse portfolio consisting of 40% in REITs, 35% in private equity, 15% in public debt and 10% in private debt, posted a 4.73% return for the quarter.

Rank University YTD Returns (after two quarters)
 1 Texas Christian University 19.04%
 2 University of Chicago 12.72%
 3 University of San Diego 9.51%
 4 Georgia State University 8.19%
 5 Johns Hopkins University 8.19%

The full rankings of all 15 schools and their portfolios are available here: Real Confidence University Portfolio Challenge.

“Overall returns demonstrate the current strength of the real estate industry. We’re impressed to see that all of our students’ portfolios are beating many of the broader markets over the same period of time,” said Robert K. Ruggles III, President of Altus Group’s Research, Valuation and Advisory US Division. “Through the Real Confidence University Portfolio Challenge we aim to support future industry professionals and it’s clear that these students are making great strides with this opportunity to further their knowledge of real estate investing.”

The University Portfolio Challenge Index, comprised of the total theoretical $15 billion made up of each university’s allocation, posted a 4.81% gain and outperformed nine of the 15 schools in the Challenge. REITs made up almost 55% of the Index’s portfolio, had sector returns ranging from 16.76% to -2.27%, and contributed 3.67% to the total.  Private equity accounted for 33% of the portfolio and produced more consistent returns, contributing 1.00% to the portfolio total. Unlike first quarter results, REITs contributed more than private equity to the index total.  The remainder of the portfolio allocations was dedicated to the public and private debt sectors, each contributing minimal gains.

Each university’s team allocated its theoretical $1 billion of capital among a variety of commercial real estate investment opportunities. The performance for each investment selection was then weighted and calculated with its respective benchmark return data provided by NAREIT®, NCREIF®, Markit® and the Giliberto-Levy Commercial Mortgage Performance Index (SM). The competition will conclude in July 2016. The winning team of the investment simulation competition will receive a $50,000 scholarship from Altus Group Limited (“Altus Group”), the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts (NAREIT®) and the National Council of Real Estate Investment Fiduciaries (NCREIF®).

For more information, please visit: RealConfidence.com/UniversityPortfolioChallenge

The next Real Confidence University Portfolio Challenge begins in July 2016. Faculty interested in registering, please contact Chuck DiRocco by email at charles.dirocco@altusgroup.com or signup up here.



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