A strong commitment to inclusive excellence guides our DEI endeavors.

Our DEI mission is to help translate that commitment into action.

Here at Altus Group, our goal is to foster a culture that is diverse and inclusive. To do this, we understand that our strength is in our differences. We want you to BE YOU! The unique differences that each employee brings with them to work helps contribute to the growth, success and innovative spirit that has made Altus Group a strong business that continues to lead the CRE industry.

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Our pillars of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

1. Diversity:

Altus Group is committed to creating a modern work environment that encompasses 3 major types of diversity: Cognitive diversity, lifestyle diversity & brand diversity.

2. Equity:

Altus Group is committed to the fair treatment, access, opportunity, and advancement for all people.

3. Inclusion:

Altus Group is committed to creating a work environment that helps employees feel welcomed, accepted and valued.

4. Culture:

A workforce that is not only inclusive but has a deep-rooted feeling of “Belonging”.

Be your true self

Altus Group is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive work environment that supports employees not only in their professional growth but in their lifestyle outside of work. Our global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion committees are committed to creating a modern work environment that helps employees feel welcomed, accepted and valued by bringing awareness and educating each other on the differences that make us special.

We currently have three affinity groups to help further a culture of inclusion; People of Color, Altus Women Connected & LGBTQ+ . The purpose of these groups is to create an even more inclusive environment where everyone feels that they can be their true selves when at work. Read more below.

Altus Women Connected logo

Providing a platform for connecting, educating, and inspiring women and allies to foster a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

Altus Pride logo

Championing and creating a positive, inclusive, equal, and non-judgmental environment throughout the global Altus community (leadership, employees, vendors, clients) where LGBTQ+ members and allies can maximize our potential by feeling engaged, valued, and free to fully express our individualities and share our unique experiences.

Altus Power of Color logo

Creating and fostering a work environment that is empowering, “protective” and inclusive to all people of color. Our focus is to create new opportunities for people of color to be successful, grow and develop at Altus Group.

CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion

In February 2021, CEO Mike Gordon joined CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion, the largest CEO-driven business commitment to advance diversity and inclusion within the workplace, a pledge he made alongside more than 2,000 CEOs of the global business community.

We each have an important role to play in creating equitable, inclusive and diverse workplaces and communities.

Mike Gordon

CEO, Altus Group

DEI committee members

The DEI committee members are representatives from across our business and meet regularly to help increase awareness and promote a wide variety of activities furthering Altus Group’s DEI efforts.

Ernestine JulueJulue

Talent, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Kieran SeeburnSeeburn

Development team lead, ARGUS Voyanta & platform reporting

Dmitri OkorieOkorie

Senior Sales Director, Commercial Development

Shawna-Burke MartinMartin

Senior Director, Energy & Industrial Property Tax

Kenneth LangLang

Senior Consultant, Global Advisory

Corinne KrikstanKrikstan

Executive Vice President, Tax - United States

Nana SawyerSawyer

Team Lead, Global Revenue Operations

Francis ColacoColaco

Senior Manager, Financial Reporting

Alex ProbynProbyn

Global President, Property tax

Camilla BartosiewiczBartosiewicztoronto-hq

Vice President, Investor Relations

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