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Tips & Tricks

This month’s tips and tricks video will show the new AE 13 multifamily features:

  • Modeled units can be specified as active or inactive, allowing reports to be adjusted accordingly.
  • New lease execution and lease start fields for each unit has been added. This allows users to enter leases by lease type and/or enter each individual lease.
  • Now add CPI increases, miscellaneous rent, and incentives to leases AND Market Leasing Profiles!
  • Click to Details button to view expanded data in the Rent Roll.

October 2020:

  • XL4ADW – How to use the Excel add in for AE
  • How to export data from AE into Excel
  • How to copy data from Excel into AE

February 2020:

  • Quick ways to update parameters to see the detail you need in your reports
  • How to export reports quickly and efficiently
  • How to navigate Portfolio level reporting in ARGUS Enterprise

January 2020:

In this video, we are sharing the following tutorials:

  • How to enter recovery structures
  • How to model an existing debt note
  • How to enter and calculate retail sales

December 2019:

  • New Functionalities in ARGUS Enterprise 12.1
  • Admins having control over the calculation versions
  • And more

November 2019:

  • New features in ARGUS Enterprise 12.1
  • How to get release notes and articles
  • Getting better use out of our ARGUS Community page

October 2019:

  • Part 1: How to figure out what short cuts exist
  • Part 2: Organizing data shortcuts
  • Part 3: Reviewing data shortcuts

September 2019:

  • Converting ARGUS Enterprise models to prior versions
  • Using Recovery Audit Reports in ARGUS Enterprise
  • Using the Rent Roll in ARGUS Enterprise

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