ARGUS Voyanta

Real estate data aggregation, validation, and reporting software

ARGUS Voyanta is a powerful data aggregation, validation, and reporting software solution designed to give you greater visibility into your real estate portfolio – from a single source of truth.

ARGUS Voyanta enables you to consolidate all your data from internal and external systems, validate all incoming data through a series of technical and business rules, and view your entire portfolio in one consolidated view with powerful reports and dashboards.

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Key benefits of ARGUS Voyanta

ARGUS Voyanta Property Dashboard

Consolidate your data from internal systems, third parties, and market sources in one location


Getting the most out of your properties means having the correct information at your fingertips to make accurate investment decisions. Current processes to get asset performance data often involve a constant back and forth of communications or countless hours collating data from hundreds of spreadsheets.

With ARGUS Voyanta, you can collect all your real estate data collection by building defined workflows with all your data providers. Through a direct connection with your internal systems or using pre-built upload templates, you can create data schedules that pull all your investment data on time and ready to use.

ARGUS Voyanta 2

Examine and validate all incoming data through a series of technical and business rules


To make sound investment decisions, you need accurate portfolio data, but data submitted from internal spreadsheets or external parties often contains errors and is rarely complete.

With ARGUS Voyanta, you can apply a series of technical rules to vet your data and make sure the appropriate data is in each field. A second set of filters checks for predefined business rules, and if the data doesn’t pass these filters, data is pushed back with notifications for what must be addressed before it can be submitted. For additional security, you can create a data submission process to ensure that the right people have approved all database changes through the data sign-off process.

ARGUS Voyanta

View your entire portfolio in one consolidated view with powerful reports and dashboards


Building a comprehensive view of your portfolio and investment structures is complex, with hundreds of data points needing alignment in the same format. Even worse is trying to drill down to understand key drivers of portfolio and individual asset performance because rigid spreadsheets turn slicing and dicing your data into hours of manual assessment.

With ARGUS Voyanta, you can view your data from the portfolio level, assessing asset and investment performance, and drill down to individual properties, tenants, and leases. You can also set up custom reports and dashboards powered by Tableau technology to slice and dice your data by property type or geography and export insights back to stakeholders and investors.

ARGUS Voyanta 4

Easily connect with other ARGUS solutions, property management, and accounting systems


With ARGUS Voyanta, you can connect with your existing property management and accounting systems and internal spreadsheets to pull various data, including leasing, financial, debt, valuations, fund structures, and investor commitments.

ARGUS Voyanta also provides direct integration with ARGUS Enterprise, our valuation and asset management solution, and ARGUS Taliance, our real estate fund management solution, so that you can create a direct workflow from asset performance to investor returns.

ARGUS Voyanta Demo

ARGUS Voyanta demonstration

Take advantage of a free detailed demonstration with our subject matter expert team as they take you through a guided walkthrough of ARGUS Voyanta and showcase features specifically to meet your business requirements.

Most demonstrations last around 30 minutes and will cover:

  • A brief overview of ARGUS Voyanta
  • Data collection process and workflows
  • Applying business and technical rules to validate data
  • Building custom reports and dashboards powered through Tableau
  • Integrations with internal and external solutions

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