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Property development feasibility and management software

ARGUS EstateMaster is the industry-leading property development feasibility and management software. Trusted by the leading property developers across the Asia Pacific, ARGUS EstateMaster is an intuitive end-to-end solution to manage your entire development project – all the way from project concept to completion.

Build industry-standard feasibility reports, create detailed project cash flows and forecasts, and use out-of-the-box reports to suit all your internal and investor needs.

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Key benefits of ARGUS EstateMaster


Identify the best development opportunity for your next project


Real estate development is all about balancing risks vs. returns. Being able to identify the best property development opportunities requires experienced developers to keep a watchful eye on a number of market, consumer, and government factors in order to forecast the financial viability and risk profile of their next project.

With ARGUS EstateMaster Development Feasibility, you can appraise development opportunities and test project viability. You can also evaluate the residual land value, calculate KPIs including development margin, net present value, and internal rate of return, and manage risk using sensitivity and probability analysis.


Manage your development budget and stay on top of project costs


In an uncertain real estate market, where real estate developments are under pressure from slowing sales rates, delayed construction timelines, and worsening defaults – properly managing your project’s cash flow through the entire life cycle is critical.

With ARGUS EstateMaster Development Management, you can import your approved development feasibility and set it as the project budget. Track and report on KPIs such as costs, revenues, profit, and update forecasts with actuals. Import directly from your accounting systems to get an accurate view of your project cash flow.


Powerful insights across your entire property development portfolio


Now, more than ever, lenders and investors are focused on development finances and project risk. Reporting on how well a project or several projects is performing, in terms of revenue and costs, is critical in ensuring developers can raise capital and service debt.

With ARGUS EstateMaster Corporate Consolidation, you can generate a detailed consolidation and comparison report across your entire development portfolio, with consolidated cash flow, profit, and equity requirements allowing you to manage new acquisition pipelines more efficiently.

ARGUS EstateMaster Demo

ARGUS EstateMaster demonstration

Take advantage of a free detailed demonstration with our subject matter expert team as they take you through a guided walkthrough of ARGUS EstateMaster and showcase features specifically to meet your business requirements.

Most demonstrations last around 30 minutes and will cover:

  • A brief overview of ARGUS EstateMaster, including the Development Feasibility, Development Management, and Corporate Consolidation modules
  • Development feasibility, appraisals, and evaluating the residual land value
  • Calculating KPI such as development margin, net present value, and internal rate of return
  • Development budget and project cash flow management
  • Property development portfolio reporting and consolidation
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