ARGUS Enterprise: Quick Valuer

Altus Group Launches AE 12.1 to Accelerate Customer Journey to the Cloud and Boost Productivity.

Simplify traditional valuations with quick valuer

Introducing the Quick Valuer, now available in ARGUS Enterprise 12.1. The Quick Valuer provides multiple features that simplify the traditional valuations workflow and add value for any users working with leases around the globe. 

Everything you need, one screen

For users working with the Traditional Valuation Methodology, the new ‘Quick Valuer Report’ provides all the necessary fields you need to audit inputs and make immediate changes on a lease-by-lease basis. Don’t waste any time navigating around the interface to make a single change, hyperlinks quickly open the correct area to make your edits without taking you away from the reporting. Quick Valuer summarizes everything you need from the terms to the rent in one quickly accessible location. 

The fastest way to edit a lease

The newly added ‘Tenant Direct Edit’ view provides the single fastest way to edit a lease in ARGUS Enterprise. Access a single screen for each tenant, that displays and allows you to edit rent roll fields, including everything from basic tenant information to more detailed inputs. make basic changes or even changes to data linked to that tenant such as area and rent schedule or even the linked revenue costs. 




ARGUS Enterprise drives results for clients

ARGUS Enterprise enables commercial real estate and financial institutions to save valuable time and money by shortening critical business processes and evaluating property information for maximum returns. See what our clients are saying about ARGUS Enterprise.

Start with ARGUS Enterprise 12.1 and Quick Valuer!

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