ARGUS Acquire

Real estate acquisition deals and pipeline management software

ARGUS Acquire is a powerful real estate acquisition deals and pipeline management software that brings together your acquisition data, workflows, and financial models to help pitch winning deal strategies and meet capital deployment targets.

ARGUS Acquire enables you to accelerate and unify your real estate acquisition process, manage deal information and models in one central location, and provide more significant insights into the acquisition pipeline’s overall health.

Key benefits of ARGUS Acquire


Quickly understand the health of your acquisitions pipeline


For acquisition professionals, finding the right deal is only the beginning. Being able to meet capital deployment targets successfully requires leaders to have a clear view and understanding of their deal pipeline.

With ARGUS Acquire, you can easily view the number of current deals your team is working on and the total value of those deals grouped by status and stage. You can also take this a step further by adding a set percentage likelihood of closing for each stage, along with the value of the deals in each status, to calculate the status weighted value. This gives you a more realistic indication of how much of the pipeline the acquisitions team should expect to close.


Streamline the acquisition deal and model management process


Identifying risks on potential acquisitions and changing deal models’ assumptions can be tedious, iterative, and time-consuming. Time spent going back and forth with senior stakeholders on the model assumptions is time not spent closing deals.

With ARGUS Acquire, you can unify your stakeholders and workflows to better understand the status of a deal, see its background, and drill down into deal tasks and identify the remaining work to be done. ARGUS Acquire also provides direct integration with ARGUS Enterprise, allowing you to effortlessly import model KPIs and run rapid what-if analysis to test the impact of changes on models’ assumptions.


Simplify the exchange of acquisition deal information across your teams


Tracking the status of acquisition deals and ensuring work is being completed by priority status correctly is challenging, especially when your deal information lives across multiple systems and sources.

With ARGUS Acquire, you can unify your acquisition workflow and help streamline communication cycles with stakeholders outside the acquisition teams by providing a central location to track deals’ status easily. ARGUS Acquire gives a high-level snapshot of deal status progress, the number of outstanding activities, with the ability to drill down for further detail to see which tasks remain and what if any roadblocks might be holding up a deal.

ARGUS Acquire Demo

ARGUS Acquire demonstration

Take advantage of a free detailed demonstration with our subject matter expert team as they take you through a guided walkthrough of ARGUS Acquire and showcase features specifically to meet your business requirements.

Most demonstrations last around 30 minutes and will cover:

  • Overview of ARGUS Acquire
  • Acquisition pipeline dashboard
  • Deal and model management
  • Deal tracking status
  • Integration with ARGUS Enterprise

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