ARGUS Acquire

Accelerate and unify your acquisition process

ARGUS Acquire brings together your key acquisitions data, workflows and financial models to help pitch winning deal strategies, and meet capital deployment targets.

Unify deal and model information

Bring together key data from your investment strategy, deal workflows and financial models to unify the acquisitions process and eliminate pesky time wasters. Link property models made in Excel or ARGUS Enterprise to deals in ARGUS Acquire to seamlessly merge KPIs with the tasks that need to be completed by your team.

Get a clear perspective of your deal pipeline

Understand your pipeline from the top-down or organize it in a way that works for you.  Consolidated on a single landing page, view your team’s past and present deals, progress, and projected value so you stay current of every deal. 

Simplify the exchange of deal information

Centralize your stakeholders and workflows to better understand the status of a deal, see its background, and drill-down into deal tasks and identify the remaining work to be done.

Leverage your data for meaningful comparables

Give closed deals a new lease of life. Advanced filters and sorting establish if a past deal is a relevant comparable without the need to trawl through a mess of files and open numerous ARGUS Enterprise files or Excel workbooks.

Understand the impact of changing assumptions

Link ARGUS Enterprise models to deals in ARGUS Acquire to seamlessly import KPIs and get a comprehensive view of your deals. Then, run a rapid what-if analysis from within ARGUS Acquire to test the impact of different ARGUS Enterprise model assumptions.

Accelerate every part of your acquisitions process

Solutions featuring ARGUS Acquire

See how ARGUS Cloud enables the next generation of ARGUS web applications, beginning with ARGUS Acquire. Solve key challenges and do more with your ARGUS data.


A platform that lets you do more with your ARGUS data

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