ARGUS commercial real estate products

ARGUS Enterprise

Manage risk and increase profitability with industry-leading commercial real estate software for asset and portfolio management

ARGUS Enterprise is designed for organizations that need to project the performance of their commercial real estate assets throughout the investment lifecycle.

ARGUS Taliance

Collaborate, model scenarios, enhance your investments and improve operational processes

ARGUS Taliance is a flexible modelling and decision-making platform designed to provide portfolio management teams with a multi-class, multi-asset and multi-industry solution. Model scenarios, enhance your investments and improve operational processes in a secure, consistent and auditable platform.

ARGUS Voyanta

Collect, organize and validate your commercial real estate data

ARGUS Voyanta collects, organizes, and validates vital commercial real estate data, from any source, to provide accurate reporting and transparency for key stakeholders.

ARGUS Developer

Gain transparency at every phase of your real estate development project

From raising capital to feasibility and delivery, ARGUS Developer enables teams to make smart decisions at every stage of the  development project.

ARGUS Acquire

Accelerate and unify your acquisition process

ARGUS Acquire brings together your key data, workflows and models that help to build sound financial models, pitch winning deal strategies, and meet capital deployment targets

ARGUS EstateMaster

Track project performance with certainty – from concept to completion of your real estate development projects

The ARGUS EstateMaster ‘Property Development Suite’, is an integrated solution to help manage your entire property development life cycle. Conduct feasibility analyses and valuations, manage project cash flows on live projects and generate detailed reporting.

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