By Altus Group | January 24, 2020

We are pleased to share the latest enhancements to ARGUS Acquire, our deal and model management solution for acquisitions teams. The latest update introduces additional enhancements to the tabular pipeline view.

ARGUS Enterprise KPIs in the Pipeline view

Late last year the tabular pipeline view was introduced into ARGUS Acquire providing a flexible way to select and sort information so you can more easily access specific information of deal. In addition to the original set of KPIs you will now be able to choose from 30 ARGUS Enterprise KPIs in addition to the existing 40 columns (so a choice of 70 in total). Providing complete flexibility around what you can see and export and helping you get exactly the right information you need in the pipeline view.

Enhanced System Settings

At a system level, new changes have been made to help ARGUS Acquire better service larger acquisitions teams to standardize and report on deals. Admins now have the ability to create and set a list of brokers, clients and funds within the system settings that are then accessible via drop-down lists for users in the application. This ensures that when users need to indicate  “Broker”, “Fund” or “Client” that the information is consistent across the platform and clean for reporting. 

Acquire Screenshots















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