By Altus Group | September 1, 2020

Are you able to quickly understand the impact on distributions, fund value and investor returns while negotiating with tenants? In the video below, Jessica Leal, ARGUS Training Manager – Americas, shows some quick tips and tricks on how to do this by using the Analysis Tab in ARGUS Enterprise.

Watch the video below to learn how you can use ARGUS Enterprise’s analysis tab to generate a tenant level or property level analysis across your entire portfolio.



“ARGUS Tips & Tricks: ARGUS Enterprise Analysis Tab,” Transcript

Today we’re going to talk a little bit about how to run an analysis across your entire portfolio. We actually have the ability to highlight every single property within our portfolio and click on the analysis tab in our portfolio application tab. Once we navigate here, we have the ability to really pick and choose what layout and what pieces of data and what type of analysis we want to run and what reports we want to view.

So, we can do this on a property level, or we can do this on a tenant level as well. We do that just by going to the detail level and choosing tenants. We can choose when we want our analysis to start. I’m going to choose January of 2020 and then we can choose how many years we want to run our analysis for. So, I’m going to go ahead and choose 10 year. We can choose our resolution, and this is really our frequency that we want to run this on; a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis. We’ll go ahead and choose the annual, and then you have the ability to choose your discount interval as well.

Once you go in and you kind of start with the basics and pick and choose what data you want to display or what level you want to display, when you want it to start, and how many years you want it to go, then you can start working on your layout mode and the way that we do that is, we go and we click our layout mode. And this is going to allow us to create and to define our layout bobblehead on that layout mode. As soon as I do that, I’m going to choose to pull over an analysis chart, and I’m just going to drag it and drop it off. And then I’m going to grab a pivot grid as well, drag it and drop it off, then I’ll choose exit layout.

You can pull over a number of different widgets and then you can go in and customize them to really look and display the data that you want to display. So what I can do, you could see that this chart right here is very hard to read, but I can go and I can configure the widget and I can say that I want to do this by lease type. I want to see our occupied area. I can go to my chart layout. But I do want to keep it as a column, or I could change it to a line graph or whatever chart I think would display the data the clearest. Once I choose that, I can go ahead and hit OK. And I can see that this chart is now much easier to read and it’s displaying in the information that I want to display.

Once I’ve done that, I can also create a pivot grid as well. I can go here, and I can pull down my tenant’s name and I can say that I want to also pull down my lease type. I want to see our net tenant cash flow, and I can now see the tenant name, the lease type and the net tenant cash flow for that tenant. This is also a great detail and a great tool that you can use to display the information that you want to display.

Once we’ve done that. And we’ve created a layout that we enjoy and that we need and that we’re going to use frequently, then we can go, and we can actually save it. So, I can choose create new layouts, and I can actually save it as tenant layout. And I can hit OK. And once I hit OK, I now have this layout saved.

What’s great about that is if I click off of this, and I get back on, I now have my tenant layout and it’s going to be saved for me where I don’t have to pull over a pivot grid each time, I don’t have to pull over my chart, each time, I can have it saved. Then I can go in and edit it as I need to.

We hope that you found this video very beneficial. We hope that you found it interesting and helpful. And remember, if you want to take a deep dive within your analysis tab and other portions of your sensitivity module, we do have additional training that you can go through to take a deeper dive. So please reach out to us if you are interested in that. Thank you so much.

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