By Altus Group | August 19, 2019

We are pleased to share the latest enhancements to ARGUS Acquire, our deal and model management solution for acquisitions teams. The latest updates provide a new Stakeholder role for read only users and a seamless connection between ARGUS Enterprise models and your deal workflows.

Every stakeholder now able to access ARGUS Acquire.

The new ‘Stakeholder’ role in ARGUS Acquire ensures your whole organisation has read-only access to the latest deal information and KPIs. That means  the likes of senior management, Legal and Asset Management can self-serve information like deal status and KPIs without the need for multiple communications back and forth with the acquisitions team. Whatsmore they know it’s up to date unlike outdated pipeline spreadsheets buried in messy shared drives or your inbox.  From the Acquisitions team’s perspective the stakeholders can only view information so they’re retaining tight control over who can make edits to a deal. 

Seamless Connection with ARGUS Enterprise

For users who take advantage of ARGUS Acquire’s integration with ARGUS Enterprise (AE) to illustrate their deal KPIs or run what-if analysis, this connection is now better than ever. Using new enhancements, KPIs from linked AE models are automatically updated in ARGUS Acquire whenever a change is made to the underlying AE model. This means that your acquisitions team can be confident they are always working off the latest model, eliminating the need to re-upload the AE model each time a change is made. 

Smart Notifications

Users are also notified when any change has occurred to an AE model from within ARGUS Acquire through unobtrusive notifications that don’t interrupt workflows and show up only when relevant to the current task. 

Learn more about how ARGUS Acquire enables your team to efficiently construct sound financial models, pitch winning deal strategies, and meet capital deployment targets.


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