By Altus Group | June 3, 2019

Calculation and reporting updates, user enhancements and formula tracking in ARGUS EstateMaster

The latest release of ARGUS EstateMaster provides users with a variety of reporting, user experience and functionality enhancements to make managing development projects simpler and more efficient.

Gain better insight into the performance of different stages for multi-stage developments

Users can now gain more insight into multi-stage development projects using the new Stage Summary Report in ARGUS EstateMaster Development Feasibility and Development Management. Easily report the costs, revenues and KPIs for each stage side-by-side.

Model project timelines more precisely with milestone task lags and lead times

Incorporate lag and lead times into your Milestone Profiles and cash flow timing input assumptions, with offsets expressed as a number of days, weeks, months or a percentage of time.

Distinguish project commitments between purchase orders, change orders and contracts.

Reduce risk of errors with formula tracking and auditing capabilities designed for spreadsheet ‘Power Users’.

Learn more about how ARGUS EstateMaster enables development teams and investors to track project performance with certainty – from concept through to completion.


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