By Altus Group | March 14, 2019

As part of the recently released (Winter ’19) update, ARGUS Taliance now includes a direct link to ARGUS Enterprise files. Starting now, automatically send asset data from ARGUS Enterprise to ARGUS Taliance to facilitate forecasting from asset level up to the fund level.

ARGUS Taliance is the most flexible modelling and decision-making platform for alternative investments that stores all your investments and all your investors in one scalable, secure platform.

See Beyond the Asset

Link asset cash flow forecasts from ARGUS Enterprise to ARGUS Taliance to see beyond the asset and into the upper level of investment. See all the way up to individual investors and into detailed investment structures including:  SPVs, Op/co, PropCo, Loans, Fund/Reits, Investors and more. With all your asset and investment data in a single system, it’s easy to produce fund level forecasts and scenarios in minutes not days.

Additionally, you no longer need to use Excel or spend time copying and pasting data from one solution to another. Updating property cash flows is simple: there is no need to perform any additional mapping to create new items for your financial model in ARGUS Taliance: updates will be made automatically while importing. With no manual data entry, you can always be confident that your incoming data is up-to-date and correct.

What’s Next?

Keep an eye out for future enhancements and integrations coming soon that will continue to establish ARGUS Enterprise as the only solution for CRE Investment Management.

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