By Altus Group | November 23, 2019

Introducing ARGUS Enterprise 12.1 out today! The latest update drastically enhances usability for the UK valuations market and helps continue to drive ARGUS cloud as the primary means to access and use ARGUS Enterprise. 

Introducing the Quick Valuer!

Users of ValCap may remember a feature that allowed them to get a thorough, at-a-glance view of each of their tenants in order to audit inputs and make immediate changes. We’re happy to announce that we’ve brought this feature back into ARGUS Enterprise with a few key enhancements.

Direct Edit 

Starting with a single property open in ARGUS Enterprise you will notice a new button placed beside each tenant in the rent roll. This is the newly implemented direct edit button. Clicking it, takes you to the tenant direct edit window which is a single screen,special edit view displaying every one of the rent roll fields. This screen was designed for fast and easy data entry, and is now the absolute fastest way to edit a lease in ARGUS Enterprise. 

Quick Valuer Report 

 A new report can be found called the “Quick Valuer”. This report is designed to make ARGUS Enterprise easier and faster to use when auditing making changes to inputs for the given lease at the same time. For users working with the traditional valuation methodology, it presents all the necessary fields from different areas of ARGUS Enterprise on a single screen to help audit tenants on a lease-by-lease basis. 

Watch the video to see the features in action.



Bring your integrations to the cloud! 

Since the launch of ARGUS Cloud, a common barrier to entry for some of our users to move to the cloud has been their on-premise integrations. However, alongside ARGUS Enterprise 12.1 an additional customization database is now available to clients with on-premise direct database integrations that provides links to ARGUS Cloud. This database allows integrations to be moved over to the cloud and lets clients access all the benefits of ARGUS Cloud while saving on IT costs.

And More…

As always, each release of ARGUS Enterprise additionally helps address a variety of customer requests, minor enhancements and bug fixes. For the complete list of new features please see the ARGUS Enterprise 12.1 release notes.


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