Altus Group opens up CRE Ecosystem with ARGUS API enabling better data usability and more connected workflows.

Open the ARGUS ecosystem with enhanced data access, usability and workflows

The ARGUS API provides greater access to your ARGUS data in the cloud and paves the way to more easily connect industry applications, build custom tools and reporting and streamline real estate workflows. – Available Now! 

Key Benefits 

Greater Access and Utilization of Data

The ARGUS API opens the ARGUS Enterprise ecosystem. allowing users to have additional freedom in how they capture and use ARGUS data and the ARGUS Calculation engine.

Enhance ARGUS Enterprise Workflows

API access to the ARGUS Enterprise database can eliminate the need for manual data entry from external systems or spreadsheets allowing data to be updated with ease.

Simplify Integration Complexity

ARGUS API uncovers the ARGUS data structure allowing information to seamlessly move between AE, additional applications and other data sources, in sync and in real-time.

Build Robust Integrations

Gain the ability to connect and synchronize hundreds of data points, reducing the need for complex database integrations and the ongoing development  needed to support them. Build robust, custom, future proof integrations into 3rd party systems to extract leases, actuals or whatever you need to support your ARGUS Enterprise Workflows. 

Create Internal ARGUS Tools

API access helps eliminate the need for manual data entry from external systems or spreadsheets allowing data to be updated more frequently and in less time. Create custom data entry forms that automatically upload to ARGUS Enterprise such as templates to collect budgeting information from asset managers. 

Custom Modelling and Reporting

Gain additional freedoms over the capture and use of your ARGUS data that was previously unachievable. Extract cash flows to facilitate in-house modelling or pull performance results to produce a custom asset one-pager for reporting, merging KPIs from other applications. With the freedom to take your data out of ARGUS Enterprise, what’s possible is up to you. 

Leverage the ARGUS Calculation Engine

Access the ARGUS Calculation Engine externally to calculate property KPIs in real-time and facilitate sensitivity analysis. 

Unlock your data’s potential with the ARGUS API

ARGUS API webinars

Join an ARGUS expert live for free product demos and how-to’s, or choose from our library of on-demand webinars to learn more at your convenience.

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