Your Altus Group Teams guest account has been activated

How do I switch to use my new Altus Group guest account in Teams?

  1. Open Microsoft Teams
  2. Click on your settings icon (your picture or initials icon located at the top right of your Teams interface)
  3. Select “Accounts & orgs” from the drop-down list (if you don’t see this option, try singing out and back in again Teams again, or wait a while and try again later)
  4. Choose “Altus Group Limited (Guest)”
  5. Reverse this process to change your Teams account back to your original company’s Teams account.


Why don’t I see any Teams when I log in with my Altus Group Guest account?

Now that your guest account is active, your Altus Group sponsor will need to add you to a Team before that team becomes visible to you. Check back later or reach out to your Altus Group sponsor to confirm they have added you to a team.

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