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Surrender Claim – Saskatchewan

The Challenge
Acting jointly for a First Nation community and the Government of Canada, our task was to determine both historical and current market value for 15,000 acres of land in southwestern Saskatchewan using six unique dates. The impetus for the valuation was the estimate of loss to the First Nations due to an improvident sale of the reserve land between 1906 and 1908. Sales analysis involved more than 5,500 transactions between 1906 and 2016.

The result
The valuation at the historic dates was achieved using a custom benchmarking method and a defined data set. The current market value was estimated in accordance with PSPC Appraisal Standard 1B1 and a settlement was achieved.

– Analysis of issues and determination of best approach
– Historical research into development patterns in Prairie land settlement
– Estimate of pace of clearing and breaking land
– Development of value benchmarking method
– Selection of intermediate dates based on historical research into real estate value trends in the area
– Attendance at negotiation meetings and presentation of report


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