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Deliver successful developments with hands-on project management and a broad set of expertise

Today’s development projects are complex with shifting requirements, numerous parties involved and any number of scenarios that could throw your budget or schedule off-track. That’s why hiring a project manager backed by a cross-functional team of experts in cost, scheduling, claims and valuation – is imperative.  Hiring the right project manager can save you time and headaches, not to mention millions of dollars.

Whether you want to complement your internal teams with strategic advice or engage a full-time owner’s representative, our team of dedicated project managers can help you:

  • Make informed, cost-saving decisions at every project milestone
  • Control your project’s time, cost and quality outcomes while exceeding stakeholder and end-user expectations
  • Identify, assess, mitigate and monitor project risks
  • Set realistic budgets and maintain them with support from in-house quantity surveyors

Develop a project strategy before design begins

Establish the approach and set effective policies and procedures to get the right framework for delivery by partnering with Altus Group to set up:

  • Structure for project governance and controls
  • The most suitable delivery methodology and team members for your project
  • Cost and schedule benchmark studies that evaluate your projections

Align project delivery with your organizational goals while fully collaborating with your stakeholders and teams

We combine time-honoured leadership techniques and specialist in-house expertise, to improve processes and manage:

  • Detailed budgets that maximize project value
  • Design vision and performance of the design team
  • Project progress in line with your schedule expectations
  • Contracts and negotiation strategies
  • The quality and performance of work on site
  • Close-out and handover procedures

Our unique approach to project management

Project management, specific to construction and development, has been forced to expand beyond just typical day-to-day schedule management and milestone tracking.  With budgets being squeezed, all members of development teams are expected to deliver more and bring exceptional knowledge and experience to the table.

Leveraging an already proven framework from Europe, and much of the rest of the globe, we bring a more comprehensive project management approach to the Canadian market.  Our project managers are uniquely backed by a multi-disciplined team of experts in:

A single project manager cannot be expected to be a subject matter expert in everything.  This team based approach truly sets us apart and ensures you have the right expertise and at the right time.

Contact a qualified professional

Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals brings a wealth of industry experience and unparalleled data-driven insights, providing the clarity you need to make informed decisions.


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