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Maintain consistent and high-quality reporting on the value of your portfolio

Stay on top of what’s happening in the market, meet reporting requirements and support your investment decision-making with a transparent view into all your assets, at regular intervals. 

Portfolio valuations are useful in a number of scenarios; financial reporting, IPOs, partnership dissolution, financing, general ongoing reporting and more.

As the largest independent appraiser in Canada, we provide:

  • High quality standardized delivery of portfolio valuations across all Canadian markets
  • Independent, unbiased and timely valuation across all asset classes
  • A dedicated valuation services group with centralized points of contact
  • A consistent valuation methodology
  • Daily, monthly, quarterly or annual valuations based on your desired frequency
  • Custom report formats and outputs
  • Extensive market information and perspective
  • Data aggregation and bench-marking
  • Appraisal review controls
  • Best-in-class service

Understand market trends

Knowing where you stand in the current market enables you to make more informed and timely investment decisions, including the decision to expand your portfolio through acquisition. Understanding how markets and asset classes are performing can help you determine where you want to invest more, or conversely – invest less.

You need the confidence and current insight to know where the highest returns are coming in, month to month or quarter to quarter. A portfolio valuation gives you those analytics, across all asset types, and in a consistent and reliable manner.

Reporting with confidence

Portfolio valuations are an important aspect of day-to-day operations when it comes to financial reporting, asset management, internal analysis, and other business requirements.

Gain a clear view into the current value of your portfolio so that you are informed and prepared to make important investment decisions as they arise, and provide accurate, consistent and timely reporting to stakeholders.

Make informed decisions

Timing is really everything. Understanding how your portfolio is performing at any given time can give you the edge you need to know when it makes sense to dispose of or reposition assets.

Contact a qualified professional

Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals brings a wealth of industry experience and unparalleled data-driven insights, providing the clarity you need to make informed decisions.


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