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Deliver your office fit-out, on budget and on time

Successful office fit-out projects begin with understanding your needs and constraints and from there setting realistic budgets and delivery timelines.  Depending on the complexity of the fit-out, it could be delivered over a short or long duration, but, no matter the delivery schedule – you need to stay on top of the budget with regular reporting, throughout each phase, to ensure you remain in line.

Our cost, scheduling and project management experts work with you to ensure your desired outcome is achieved and cost overruns are averted by identifying issues early and taking corrective action.  You also reap the benefits of our team’s industry connections and experience to ensure you are getting the most competitive tender pricing.

Leverage our team of experts or supplement your existing team

In any fit-out, subject matter experts are needed to provide advice on all aspects of your project – from initial concept design to final move-in.

Maybe you have some of those capabilities in-house and are just looking to get help in one area, or maybe your needs are more comprehensive.  We have a cross-functional team of cost, scheduling, procurement, contract, claims, and project management experts at the ready, and they have trusted relationships with industry partners like contractors and designers.  Benefit from the cost and time efficiencies of a one-stop provider with deep experience and perspective or retain us as needed.

Interested in practical strategies for successfully executing your next office fit-out? Download our guide

Estimate your office-fit out costs using our quick & easy calculator

One of the first steps in any project is to pull together a budget, even if it’s just a ballpark estimate to better understand if its feasible, or to quickly assess and scenario test options and their associated costs.

Our office fit-out cost calculator lets you be as precise as you want to be at this point in your project and provides you with that preliminary estimate to make a go, no-go or look at another option decision.

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Contact a qualified professional

Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals brings a wealth of industry experience and unparalleled data-driven insights, providing the clarity you need to make informed decisions.

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