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Understand the viability of your next real estate project

No two assets or markets are alike and standard reports don’t provide the deep insights into the market potential and factors that may impact the success of a project.

Gain a competitive advantage when embarking on your next opportunity with custom research, unique to your project. Uncover all you need to know about a local real estate market, and the unique economic conditions that affect housing, real estate and land development.

With national and local expertise, we work with many large developers, associations, investors and government organizations to provide:

  • A unique, sophisticated approach to market feasibility, economic studies and the demographic and macroeconomic drivers of a successful development
  • Critical research and analysis of municipal finance issues, such as development charge analyses, or fiscal impact studies
  • Economic and construction activity forecasting
  • Strategic research and analysis to address complex planning and development issues
  • Expert representation in the case of litigation, arbitration or dispute resolution
  • Experience that extends across several asset classes and sectors, including:  purpose built rental, condominium apartment, low-rise housing, affordable housing, mixed-use, retail, office and industrial

Mitigate acquisition risk with a custom assessment of the forces at play, specific to your asset

When buying a real estate asset, whether it’s an existing building or development land, you need to know you are making a sound investment. If you are planning to hold it on the long-term – does it have good growth potential?

Support your acquisition decision-making with the proper due diligence:

  • Market feasibility studies to understand whether or not the local market can support the proposed type of development
  • Highest and best use studies to ensure you are looking at all the potential development / redevelopment options, especially those with the potential for the highest return
  • Economic studies to properly assess the supply and demand of your local market and how that would impact your acquisition

Get professional advice and recommendations, before embarking on your next development project

Successful development and redevelopment projects begin with a firm understanding of the local market and a thorough assessment of all the forces at play – from economic context, market impacts, market profiling and forecasting.  You need to:

  • Get a handle on whether or not the local market can support the proposed type of development with a market feasibility study
  • Understand an asset’s highest and best use by looking at all the potential development options
  • Leverage an economic & demographic study to assess the supply / demand, and demographics of an area
  • Determine whether the right market variables are in place to support your development thesis
  • Drive down soft costs of developments
  • Achieve development approvals in complex situations, and acquire the necessary fiscal impact studies for your application
  • Navigate complex municipal policies to gain an advantage over the competition

Considering the sale or repositioning of an asset?

Avoid leaving money on the table with an understanding of the highest and best use of an asset.  This type of study will:

  • Explore the options available to you and shed light on where you will see the highest return
  • Help you to understand the marketability of your asset before you start fielding offers
  • Provide guidance on pricing your property, which can work in your favour during negotiations – as back-up and justification
  • Support your decision to reposition or redevelop the asset, before putting it on the market

Contact a qualified professional

Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals brings a wealth of industry experience and unparalleled data-driven insights, providing the clarity you need to make informed decisions.

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