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Hotels need our attention right now

Hotels continue to be one of the most vulnerable asset classes as the world emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic. Dependent on travel (restrictive) and often international travel (highly restrictive), it’s expected that hotels face a longer timeline to stabilized operations than other hard hit asset classes. Because of this, the hospitality tax experts at Altus Group are looking at our client’s property taxes over the long-term, and preparing now for future years. One thing that hasn’t changed is to document everything, but unlike in past years, we are now recommending you provide financial statements and budgets to assessing authorities.

We base any recommendations, whether on appeal opportunities, providing documentation, budgeting, among others, on decades of specific hospitality experience in municipalities across the nation. We currently represent over 100,000 rooms across Canada worth over $17 billion dollars. Supporting our clients during this challenging time is unlike any challenge we’ve faced before.

Explore the properties we represent

  • Each circle on the map represents a municipality with a Hospitality Property represented by Altus Group. The size is scaled based on the total number of properties. Details are shared for municipalities in which we represent 4 or more properties.
  • Stars indicate an Altus Group Property Tax office. Hover over a star to view the team details.
  • Total assessment value shown is based on the most recent assessed value of the property in the jurisdiction by the respective assessment authority, as of Dec 30, 2020.

Tips on navigating the map

  • Click on a province to see only those properties
  • Hover over a circle to view municipality details
  • Use zoom and pan features within the map to navigate specific regions
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Dedicated hotel team

20 experienced professionals located across our 14 Canadian offices.

All hospitality properties

We represent over 750 properties including full and limited service hotels, extended stay properties, motels, resorts, time shares, and inns.

Property Tax Analyzer™

Leverage the power of our Property Tax Analyzer™ platform which brings all of your specific property and tax-related data directly to you with one convenient point of access.

Services provided

Our Canada-wide team of experts have experience across a wide variety of disciplines:

Frequently asked questions

Why isn't the impact of COVID-19 reflected in my assessment?
The short answer is that some jurisdictions still have assessments that are based on valuations dates prior to March 2020. This does not prevent you as a hotel property taxpayer from appealing your assessment giving consideration to current market conditions.
Are there programs to help me cover my property taxes?
Other than property tax deferrals, there has so far been very little direct property tax relief programs from any of the levels of government.
What are the 2021 assessment appeal deadlines?

View our 2021 Canada Property Assessment Appeal Deadlines map for appeal deadlines and other information.

What can I do about my taxes?

Read our white paper Managing Property Taxes through a Pandemic for industry specifics guidance. 

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Our national team of hospitality property tax professionals bring a wealth of industry experience and unparalleled data-driven insights, providing the clarity you need to make informed decisions.

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