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Estimate the market value of your interest in a commercial power of sale property

Lenders seeking to recover loans secured by commercial property or development projects should obtain an appraisal to support the sale price in circumstances where they have the right to sell.   In fact, it is advisable that they secure two appraisals from different appraisers, to best support the sale price.

A valuation in these circumstances differs from a traditional property appraisal given it will be met with a greater level of scrutiny, and will require more due diligence than might typically be the case. A trusted, and unbiased appraisal is highly important, particularly if it is to be used as evidence in court proceedings.

Minimize your losses with an understanding of current market value

A commercial asset or development project can find itself in financial distress during any point in the economic cycle, but it is far more common during a downturn or recession.

Our team of experts support lenders and their legal teams in their recovery of the loan by providing an independent and current market value for estimating a fair sale price.

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Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals brings a wealth of industry experience and unparalleled data-driven insights, providing the clarity you need to make informed decisions.


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