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Assess the market conditions affecting the demand and supply of a local commercial real estate market

Whether acquiring, developing, redeveloping, or disposing of an asset – having a current understanding of the economic outlook for the commercial real estate market is critical. The overall health of the economy is what drives the real estate market and upfront consideration for the impact of things like employment, inflation, government policy, housing needs, demographic projections, and infrastructure spending, means you can make proactive investment and development decisions.

Our national team of local market experts can help you with:

  • Growth management studies
  • Demographic projections
  • Housing need studies
  • Investment impact studies
  • Economic and planning policy impact studies

Do your economic due diligence

Every acquisition is influenced by how the economy is performing. Having a deep understanding of what is happening in a local real estate market can provide you with a competitive advantage when assessing your acquisition targets, and completing your pre-bid due diligence.

Our national team of economic advisors can provide you with local market insight on:

  • Retail needs
  • Transportation infrastructure
  • Government policy and planning
  • Demographics and demographic projections
  • Household growth 
  • Affordable housing needs
  • Market feasibility
  • Municipal finance 
  • And more…

Understand where the economy is headed and how that will impact your development play

No two developments are exactly alike and neither are the economic impacts. Gain a clear view into how your development could be affected by things like government policy, demographic projections, housing needs, infrastructure, and more. 

Our economic experts can support you in planning for the future economic environment and mitigate any potential risk.


Is now the most opportune time to sell?

It’s never good to live under a rock when managing your assets. Gain a competitive advantage by understanding where the economy is headed and how your property could be impacted so you can make the important decision to sell or hold.

Our national economic team can provide you with the insight to support your decision or advise you on how best to reposition for a future, higher return, sale.

Contact a qualified professional

Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals brings a wealth of industry experience and unparalleled data-driven insights, providing the clarity you need to make informed decisions.


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