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Clarity on project viability for lenders, developers, trades and court-appointed trustees, monitors, receivers & managers

When a project or trade is distressed, you need to quickly identify challenges, timelines, and the best course of action. Timely and reliable advice is key.

We provide guidance so you can make critical decisions on the best path forward. Our services for distressed assets and workout solutions include:

  • Cost-to-complete reporting and option analysis
  • Risk and schedule assessment
  • Stakeholder management and appointment
  • Project assessment and development delivery strategy
  • Tender and contract review, negotiations, management and administration
  • Scheduling and claims advice
  • Review of costs incurred and payables including holdback and liens
  • Check authority approvals and compliance

Special loans groups, and court-appointed monitors, trustees, receivers & managers

To determine the go-forward plan for a distressed asset, you need a clear understanding of project risks, what it will cost to complete the project, and the immediate and long-term site and development activities required.

With experts in quantity surveying, cost consulting, project management, financial advisory, scheduling, claims, and property condition reviews and appraisals, our team offers unmatched advice and over 30 years of experience assisting special loan groups, and court appointed trustees, monitors, managers & receivers, on project assessments, turnaround for distressed assets and related corporate impacts.

Developers & trades

Schedule delays, cost overruns, defects, contract disputes or authority approvals can all lead to financial stress that result in unfortunate distressed situations for some developers, projects and trades. It is critical to get timely advice to identify the key issues and understand the solution options to minimize any further project or business erosion.

We can provide an assessment to facilitate the decision to continue to completion, reposition, or divest the asset.

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Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals brings a wealth of industry experience and unparalleled data-driven insights, providing the clarity you need to make informed decisions.


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