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More accurately assess construction cost escalation by trade – for better budgeting and forecasting

Building owners, contractors and consultants often rely on a single number for estimating construction cost escalation across all asset types and all trades. When in fact, construction cost escalation can differ significantly for each asset type and each trade. In addition, the number used has generally relied upon “gut feel” alone. The net result often being inaccurate budgets and forecasts, and more time spent on contingency plans down the road.

Our semi-annual report combines our robust proprietary cost data, our expert input, and third party data, to provide the most accurate view of construction cost escalation by trade, across Canada’s key development markets.


4x per year, with a minimum one-year subscription requirement.  Includes:

  • 2 full reports (Q2, Q4)
  • 2 interim update reports (Q1, Q3)


Cities covered*
Vancouver, BC | Calgary, AB | Edmonton, AB | Toronto, ON | Ottawa, ON | Montreal, QC | Halifax, NS

*Each annual subscription covers one city.

Gain historical context to help negotiate construction cost escalation claims

As a contractor or sub-contractor, you may need to defend your price increase.
As a developer, you may have been impacted by an unforeseen cost increase.
Better understand how construction costs were trending in the past so you can defend or refute cost escalation claims.

Historical date range

Three years prior to present 

Forecasted date range
Present + 3 years

Make better procurement decisions

Construction cost escalation is not linear. Its rate of increase is accelerated in some periods and more subdued in others. Use our cost escalation forecast to determine the optimal timing to tender your trades and see potential cost savings as a result.

Sectors covered

High-rise multi-family

Key trades covered
Formwork, rebar, glazing, drywall, elevators, mechanical, electrical, and more.

The report

This is a paid subscription report.  Each annual subscription covers a single city of your choice.

The Cost Escalation Report is designed to address and help mitigate the challenges associated with accurately measuring construction cost escalation across major markets in Canada, and specifically, within the high-rise multi-family sector.  Two (2) full reports and two (2) interim update reports are issued for each market, every year; each full report is based on data collected six months prior to the month of issue (i.e. in each year, the June issue includes data collected from January to the end of June, and the December issue includes data collected from July to the end of December).

The findings and forecasts are based on models that combine expert opinion from senior advisors at Altus Group, primary research conducted and regional data compiled by Altus Group, and data from Statistics Canada.  Semi-annually, the data is aggregated and ingested through our models; the outputs are refined, assessed relative to Altus Group data sources, and subject to examination against expectations.

Learn how you can leverage this report

Get an insider’s look at our newly launched report!

Recorded: Tuesday, March 3, 2020
Duration: 16 minutes

You’ll learn:

  • what is included in the semi-annual subscription
  • the risks of relying on a single number for estimating construction cost escalation across all trades and asset types
  • how the industry’s top professionals can use this report to more accurately understand construction cost escalation by trade
  • using the forecast to make better procurement decisions
  • leveraging historical context for negotiating construction cost escalation claims

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