Altus Group 2019 Canadian Cost Guide:

Understand the Construction Costs and Trends in Your Market

Canadian Property Tax Rate Benchmark Report

An in-depth look at property tax rates in eleven major urban centres across Canada

Powered by technology & data, our people provide insight: actionable analysis and advisory including valuation, financial due diligence, property tax planning and appeals, and development feasibility and project management.


Solutions for You

Property Tax

Access the facts that impact your property tax liabilities and find ways to decrease your tax obligations.

Cost & Project Management

Strategically manage project cost, time, quality, and performance outcomes to reduce risk and keep every project on track with our commercial real estate services.
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Research, Valuation & Advisory

Make data-driven acquisition decisions, know the value of your investments, and develop ways to manage and maximize your returns.


Complete survey, forestry, mapping and leak detection services. We develop innovative project plans using state-of-the-art field and office applications and procedures to deliver results more efficiently and expediently.

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