By Altus Group | December 6, 2018

Retailers must wait for a Christmas tax stimulus worth £382 million in rebates as the Government agency responsible for business rates heads to the Supreme Court to seek leave to appeal a ruling from the Court of Appeal last month which overturned a ruling last year upholding a decision in 2013 that ATMs built into the front of a shop or petrol station should have a separate business rates bill.

The number of cash machines liable for business rates tax in England and Wales surged from 3,140 in 2010 to 15,422 this year according Altus Group, as extra bills were sent to thousands of retailers in 2014, backdated to April 2010.

Altus Group says that this year business rates from separate bills for cash machines raised £44.54 million in tax in England and Wales and that the Court of Appeal ruling would have resulted in tax rebates worth £382 million going back as far as 1st April 2010.

East                                         £39.04m
East Midlands                   £28.93m
London                                  £61.58m
North East                          £18.32m
North West                        £51.75m
South East                           £53.65m
South West                         £30.84m
Wales                                     £19.08m
West Midlands                 £40.38m
Yorkshire/Humber        £38.43m

Total                                       £382m

Robert Hayton, Head of Property Tax at Altus Group, said he “wasn’t surprised” that leave to appeal was being sought saying “given two tax tribunals took a very different view and the Court of Appeal ruling would have massive implications for Councils on their Budgets which fund local services, sadly, it was inevitable and understandable although hugely disappointing for the embattled retail sector.”


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