By Altus Group | March 8, 2019

International Women’s Day has been celebrated globally since 1911 – a global effort to drive awareness of the social, economic, cultural and political contributions and achievements of women.

In 2019, the IWD theme is #balanceforbetter and at Altus Group, we believe that everyone has a part to play – promoting diversity and inclusion will continue to strengthen our company.

International Women’s Day provides an opportunity to shine the spotlight on just a few of our talented team of Women Surveyors in Altus Group UK.


Emma Saunders is a Surveyor working towards qualification.
Based in Manchester, Emma ensures the business rates our clients pay are accurate and fair.

Emma Saunders is based in our Manchester office, currently studying for a degree in Real Estate with the intention of continuing her studies to become a Chartered Surveyor.

Emma’s career choice stems from her parent’s involvement in property refurbishment which, at a young age, ignited a passion for property. Starting as a Trainee Surveyor shortly after college, she joined Altus Group where she was given the opportunity to train to be a surveyor whilst studying for a degree.

“I’ve been at Altus Group for over 4 years now, and really enjoy the work and its challenges. I feel real career progression here as I’m learning more each day.  I strongly encourage women to consider a profession in Surveying as it can be a rewarding route to take. I’m looking forward to completing my degree and continuing on to become RICS qualified in the next couple of years.”



Elizabeth Draycott is an Associate Director in business rates at Altus Group and a member of RICS.

A love of geography and fascination with buildings from an early age has steered Elizabeth into a life-long career that she feels proud of. She is actively involved in encouraging people to pursue a career in surveying.

10 years ago Elizabeth became a RICS Associate level assessor. An external examiner for Liverpool John Moores University MSc Real Estate course, Elizabeth is jointly responsible for running the Altus APC Programme for graduates looking to pursue a career in Surveying and become Chartered Surveyors.

“I love what I do, there’s always something new and interesting to learn and the property market is constantly evolving. The property sector is so fast paced and exciting as surveyors, we need to remain up to date and continue to learn and develop.  I’ve been championing the profession throughout my career – I really enjoy seeing our graduates become qualified through Altus Group.”


Nathalie George – Recently Qualified Surveyor with Altus Group 2018

Nathalie is a recently qualified Chartered Surveyor successfully completing the Altus Group Graduate program. Currently based in our Reigate office in Surrey, Nathalie works for the Agency part of Altus Group – focusing on commercial property acquisition and disposal.

“The varied day to day work attracted me to surveying. I didn’t like the idea of being chained to my desk all day, so being able to get out there, speak to many people and experience a much more varied and challenging environment is a lot more enjoyable.

“Building up eyes and ears on the commercial property industry in my local area has been quite rewarding, and recently becoming qualified was a great feeling, knowing that my hard work has paid off. I feel much more confident in front of clients now knowing I have the letters after my name!”


Sarah Walker is Senior Director of Lease Consultancy at Altus Group, based in our Central London.

Sarah Walker became a Surveyor as she wanted to pursue a rewarding, professional career following a degree in Land Management at Reading University. Sarah has accumulated a wealth of experience through an impressive career, working in private practices, industry and the public sector.

A career in surveying has certainly been an interesting, challenging and rewarding journey.

“I’ve seen parts of the UK I would never have visited. I’ve met amazing people passionate about the businesses they run and have been in a unique position to have inspected a huge variety of buildings.

“When I qualified and gained my letters, I felt proud to be part of an organisation known worldwide for its professional standards and capability of its members. 30 years on, I still feel proud to be a Chartered Surveyor.”


Michaela Padley is a Surveyor in our Business rates area of Altus Group based in our Hertford Office

Michaela is a Chartered Surveyor who qualified as part of the Altus Group Graduate scheme almost 3 years ago. Initially attracted to the world of surveying from a desire to pursue a role that would not restrict her to the confines of a desk job, Michaela has found a rewarding and challenging career in surveying.

“I like finding out how and why property is used, and discovering the history behind each one is fascinating. I qualified nearly 3 years ago now, and I still feel very proud to be a member of RICS. I want to inspire the next generation to consider this as a viable profession – especially young women who may not have traditionally considered the surveying profession before”.


Katy Cooper is a Chartered Surveyor and works in Rating, based in Altus Group’s Bristol office

Katy recently qualified as a Chartered Surveyor in 2018. Joining Altus Group through the Graduate Scheme just over two years ago, Katy has been given the opportunity to gain the experience, knowledge and guidance that helped her become a fully qualified Chartered Surveyor, a member of RICS.

Katy works in the Business Rates department, inspecting a range of commercial property and advising commercial property occupiers in and around the Bristol area.

“I was first attracted to surveying due to its varied nature and it’s a profession that has a good career progression. Being able to regularly inspect and work on a range of property types has been really interesting. I’m proud to be a Chartered Member of the RICS, especially as it is classically a male dominated profession. I’m really grateful that Altus Group was able to support me and its employees to become Chartered.”




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