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What is the Covid-19 business rates Group Action?

We estimated that well over 85% of businesses in England and Wales had the potential to make a claim under our Covid-19 Group Action, seeking a reduction in their business rates liability.

The deadline for making the majority of Covid-19 related Material Change in Circumstance (MCC) appeals for our Group Action has passed. In order to have the strongest chance of success, appeals were required to be raised prior to 15th June (4th July for hospitality and leisure properties).

Frequently asked questions about our group action

How much of a refund and savings can I expect to receive?

The precise level of savings will depend on what the evidence we are collating shows. Being a part of the Group Action gives us significant negotiating strength on your behalf. The impact of Covid-19 on commercial property has been profound and we will therefore be targeting significant reductions in value.

What will it cost me to join the Group Action?

Working with Altus Group, you have the peace of mind that we work on a no win no fee basis, with no minimum or upfront fees. If your claim is not successful you will not be charged a penny.

What information do I need to submit to sign up?

You will just need to answer a few simple questions regarding your property or properties. Click on the buttons above.

Does my property have to be fully vacant to benefit from the Group Action?

No, we can advance a case on occupied or vacant properties.

If I re-occupy my property in the next few weeks, does this affect my claim?

No, changes in occupation will not prevent us from making a claim.

How long will it take to resolve my case?

Business rates appeals can take years to resolve. However, we are actively seeking to collaborate with the VOA with the aim of significantly shortening the time it takes to secure refunds for our clients.


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