Appendix A to the RICS/IRRV/RSA Rating consultancy code of practice

Information for ratepayers in England and Wales.

This document contains important information. It must be provided to a ratepayer as part of the written confirmation of the terms of engagement for rating consultancy advice and signed by both client and agent.

It should be incorporated into the contractual agreement or appended to it.

I confirm that I have been made aware of the following important matters in respect of business rates advice:

  1. There can be no guarantee of a reduction in my rating assessment or my business rates liability as a result of any proposal or appeal submitted on my behalf.
  2. Rating assessments can be increased by the Valuation Office Agency. In certain circumstances rating assessments can also be increased by the Valuation Tribunal when determining an appeal.
  3. Business rates liabilities can be affected by transitional adjustments as well as by rateable value. A reduction in rateable value may not immediately lead to a proportionate reduction in business rates liability.
  4. There is a code of practice regulating business rates consultancy work and I have been made aware of this and of where I can find a copy of the code.
  5. There are civil penalties applicable if incorrect information is supplied knowingly, recklessly or carelessly by me, or on my behalf, to the Valuation Office Agency. I have been made aware of these penalties and that I will be liable for penalties in respect of incorrect information supplied on my behalf.
  6. Where instructions are being sought for more than one revaluation I have been made aware of this and of any fees contingent upon cancellation of such instructions.

The provision of this declaration complies with the requirements of the RICS/IRRV/RSA Rating consultancy code of practice. A copy of the code will be provided by your rating consultant on request.

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) represents over 100,000 individually qualified professional members worldwide who provide expert advice on all land, property, and construction issues.

The Institute of Revenues Rating and Valuation (IRRV) represents practitioners in the valuation, administration and adjudication of local property tax and business rate matters.

Rating consultancy is a specialist service provided by some members of RICS and IRRV. Membership of the Rating Surveyors’ Association (RSA) is restricted to members of RICS with a minimum of three years’ specialist experience.


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