Don’t let Covid-19 delay your rates savings.
Upload your floor plans now

Why do I need to upload a floor plan for my property?

Your Altus Group business rates Surveyor is currently actively reviewing your case. This may be as part of the current appeal or in relation to the Covid-19 Group Action appeals.

Normally we would undertake a physical inspection of your property, but due to Covid-19 this isn’t currently possible.

We urgently want to progress your case, particularly the time sensitive Covid-19 Group Action appeal, and reviewing any floor plans you have will help.

What if I don’t have a floor plan?

If you don’t have an available floor plan, please still fill in the form by clicking on the ‘submit your floorplan’ button and confirm you don’t have a plan available to upload. This information is useful for our records.

Will you still physically inspect my property once the Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted?

Yes. Although we cannot carry out physical inspections at the moment we will resume inspections when it is safe to do so.

Uploading your floor plan ensures we can progress the initial Check stage of our representations to the Valuation Office Agency. Before we progress your case to the following Challenge stage of the process, we will always need to inspect your property.

What type of floor plan can I upload?

There are a variety of floor plans. The most useful plans are either drawn to a scale or have measurements on them. If you don’t have access to scale plans, any plan that shows the layout of your property will be useful.

A good example of a layout plan is your fire safety and evacuation plan, which will be displayed in prominent positions so all employees and visitors are aware of them. You can usually find these in the reception area and elsewhere throughout your property.

Other places you may find a plan of your property are within your lease agreement, on a planning application, in the sales particulars or within a valuation or rent review report.

If you are unsure, upload the plan you have and we will review it.

What file type can I upload?

The usual ones! You can upload pdf, word, jpeg or excel documents.


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