Podcast: Navigating the Next Normal

Michael Levy on the state of the asset classes and evolution of trends

Six months into the pandemic, Scott and Michael discuss the state of the different asset classes and dissect the acceleration of existing trends. Guests: Michael Levy, CEO- Crow Holdings

Date: 3 Nov, 2020

Before COVID-19 landed, multiple trends were starting to emerge across the major asset classes. Demand for industrial space was on the rise, the market for apartments was strong, and flexible workspace was starting to click. But with the longest cycle in recent history coming to an abrupt end, it’s difficult to predict what’s next.

This week, Scott Morey of One11 Advisors sits down with Michael Levy the CEO of Crow Holdings to discuss the state of the different asset classes now and dissect the evolution of existing trends. Michael provides a perspective not only around the factors that helped shape these trends but their evolution and impact alongside COVID-19. Have the trends we’ve seen all been accounted for or are there brand new ones forming, ones we’ve overlooked? 

Listen to the discussion and find out.

  • Michael Levy, CEO-Crow Holdings

Discussed:Retail, Industrial, Apartments, Multifamily, Office, E-Commerce, Last-Mile Delivery, Proptech


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