Toronto, ON

Toronto, ON

Peter Norman

Vice President & Chief Economist, Research, Valuation & Advisory

Altus Expert Services


Peter Norman is an industry-recognized urban economist and forecaster specializing in economic and demographic analysis, construction economics, building products and technology studies, and forecasting services. He provides independent advice and analysis to a variety of clients including governments, associations, developers, builders, lenders, retailers, investors and manufacturers, by identifying the key economic principles behind an issue, understanding the role of markets in determining outcomes and assessing the effectiveness of public policy. Peter has provided testimony as an expert witness before the Ontario Municipal Board and the Ontario Farm Products Marketing Board, and is a key contributor to the two Altus Group Economic Consulting subscription newsletters, Altus Group Housing Report and Altus Group Housing Forecast. Before joining Altus Group Economic Consulting in 1998, Peter gained experience in strategic business planning and economic forecasting at Bank of Montreal’s economics department.