Edmonton, AB

Edmonton, AB

Mitch Ettinger

President, Geomatics


Mitch Ettinger joined Altus in April 2014, with the acquisition of Maltais Geomatics Inc. (MGI). As the former Vice President in Geomatics, Mitch oversaw the Electric Power, Infrastructure, and Pipeline Divisions. Mitch became Geomatics President in 2018.
In his leadership role at Altus Group, he champions unparalleled client service with adherence to superb quality and rigid technical standards. He is responsible for the development of the Geomatics strategy and contributes to the development of the organization’s strategic goals.

Mitch received his Alberta Land Surveyor commission in 2006. He obtained his P.Eng designation in 2007, earned his Canada Lands Surveyor commission in 2008, and his Nova Scotia Land Surveyor commission in 2012. Mitch is a member of the Alberta Land Surveyors’ (ALSA) Discipline Committee, has served on the ALSA Standards Committee (2006-2008), the ALSA Practice Review Board (2013-2016) and as Chair for the Practice Review Board (2016-2017).