Calgary, AB

Calgary, AB

Jack McGowan

Senior Director, Cost & Project Management

Altus Expert Services


Jack has been involved with managing and delivering large-scale construction and infrastructure projects over the last thirty years. He understands the complex relationships that are required to be managed during the construction process and how best to deliver the client’s requirements. His strengths lie in commercial and construction management and knows how to successfully apply them for the benefit of the project.

Jack is responsible for the overall management and growth of Altus Group’s project management services including operations, strategic development and business development. He has extensive experience cultivating growth both locally and within Western Canada. Jack holds experience in managing over one billion dollars in construction projects. Jack spends a significant amount of his time on select, high-profile projects that require his unique set of skills.

As a commercial Contractor, performing Project Management and Quantity Surveying tasks for over twenty years, Jack brings a unique skill set to the project with strengths in contracts, value management and solving constructability issues.