Halifax, NS

Halifax, NS

David Dooks

Senior Consultant, Cost & Project Management

Altus Expert Services


With over 25 years of commercial construction experience David brings cost expertise, industry relationships, and market intelligence to developments in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. As a Senior Consultant on our Cost & Project Management team and Chair of CIQS, David specializes in providing cost estimating and project monitoring services to private and public sector clients, and has consulted on projects across a wide variety of sectors, including: transportation; infrastructure and civil engineering; industrial; detention and defence; administrative and commercial; health and welfare; entertainment and recreation; education; residential; as well as projects with designated heritage status.

Having worked from inception through occupancy on projects of varying complexity in Atlantic Canada, he understands the importance of working with local teams to deliver cost-effective projects that enhance the communities in which they are built. Owners and Design Teams rely on David’s understanding of regional building and labour costs to enable informed decisions on construction budgets that provide optimal value for money.