Act now - the deadline of April 3rd, 2018 is less than three weeks away

The deadline to submit an assessment appeal is quickly approaching. For any property that is not classified (or has a portion classified) as residential, farm, managed forest or conservation land and does not require a Request for Reconsideration as a precondition to an appeal, the 2018 filing deadline is April 3, 2018. The deadline to file a 2018 Request for Reconsideration is April 2nd (if the property is classified as—or has a portion classified as—residential, farm, managed forest or conservation land).

As a reminder, a fair and accurate property assessment must, at a minimum, meet two important conditions: first, the assessment must be equitable to the assessment of similar properties, and second, the property must be assessed at its market value as of January 1, 2016. If there is a conflict between the equitable and the market value of a property, the assessment should be reduced to its equitable value.

Consider the following:

  • Has your assessment been reviewed / appealed recently?
  • Is your assessment in line with similar properties?
  • For owner‐occupied properties, have non-assessable items, such as machinery, equipment, business value and other intangible items been incorrectly included in your assessment?

*Please Note: While April 2nd or 3rd, 2018 are the deadlines for most of Ontario, there may be some exceptions. Please review your assessment notices carefully to confirm all deadlines.

Contact your Altus Group representative or the office lead listed under more information and they will advise you on what activity should be completed for 2018. Let us help you navigate the property tax appeal process and keep tax dollars in your pocket!

Published on March 14th, 2018 at 05:20 pm