In the following podcast interview, Ross Litkenhous, Global Head of Business Development – Altus Expert Services, speaks with Josh Levi, Vice President of Policy at the Northern Virginia Tech Council, about how Northern Virginia is a major data center hub, as well as the tax and economic impact of the expansion of “Data Center Alley.”

Being the largest regional data center market in the world, Northern Virginia continues to be a key destination for companies looking to own and operate these specialized facilities – reinforcing the area’s reputation of being “Data Center Alley.” Since data centers are highly capital intensive, tax considerations and incentives are vital for companies expanding in the region. Along these lines, the State of Virginia offers compelling sales tax incentives on equipment purchases to qualifying data centers through 2035, further helping to propel the region’s data center footprint.

  • More about the NTVC’s mission. (1:04)
  • What makes Northern Virginia ideal for data centers, and key statistics about the rise of “Data Center Alley.” (1:40)
  • Insights into NVTC’s report titled, “Virginia’s Data Centers Have Significant Economic Impact, Sensitivity to State Tax Regime.” (5:13)
  • How data centers are valued differently from a property tax perspective. (9:31)
  • Insights into regional investment by major technology companies, such as Microsoft’s purchase of 332 acres of Leesburg property from Peterson Companies. (14:14)
  • How Virginia Senate Bill 268 could positively impact NVTC member companies from a personal property perspective. (18:23)
  • Skilled labor shortages, rising labor costs, and new tariff concerns with regards to the construction and development of data centers in the region. (22:03)

This podcast is part of the CRE Insider Podcast Series hosted by Ross Litkenhous.