The appeal deadline has been extended to April 3rd, 2018, stretching the timeline 4 days past the usual 30 days

Recent legislation has been introduced regarding an assessment freeze for the 2018 assessment cycle. There are a number of exceptions and some owners may be surprised by their tax bills. Keep in mind that just because your assessment may be frozen does not mean you are without recourse or that an appeal is not warranted. 2018 notices have already been released and there are a limited number of days to appeal your assessment. Time is of the essence.

How Altus Group Can Help

In New Brunswick, commercial property owners face some of the highest property tax rates in Canada and so it is imperative that appropriate tax management practices are in place. Altus Group represents many of the largest property owners in the country and we have saved millions of dollars in property taxes to a varied client base.

We have proven experience with the assessment authority, robust information technology capabilities, and professionals focused on tax appeal work to provide you with sound advice. We are well positioned to ensure the tax burden levied against your property is the lowest possible.

Things to Consider When Reviewing Your Assessment:

  • Has your property been excluded from the assessment freeze?
  • Has your assessment been reviewed / appealed recently?
  • Is your investment property suffering from extraordinary tenant vacancy?
  • Does the assessment reflect the value of items that are not assessable under the Assessment Act, such as machinery, equipment, or business value?
  • For owner-occupied properties, does the assessment reflect enough economic depreciation? In a number of cases, purpose built real estate often costs significantly more than what it can generate in terms of market value.

Contact Altus Group and we will advise you on what actions should be completed for 2018. Let us help you navigate the property tax appeal process and keep tax dollars in your pocket!

Published on March 6th, 2018 at 11:43 am