Altus Geomatics has seen the power of drones for completing survey work and we’re looking at expanding our market and utilizing this new technology.

We’ve been using a fixed-wing drone to complete survey engineering work such as topographic surveys and volume surveys. The drone provides survey grade accuracy in a fraction of the time of conventional surveys and provides high resolution digital imagery of the entire site.

Our success with this technology has led us to purchase additional drones with different capabilities and tools such as video and digital photogrammetry, allowing us to provide additional services.

Construction Management – Through the use of drones, we can fly over a construction site and provide detailed visual inspections of asset and structure exteriors, and provide video and photos to be used to manage progress and validate contractors’ progress claims. The data can also be used to measure site quantities, areas and much more.

Infrastructure Inspection – Infrastructure inspections are necessary to ensure public safety. Infrastructure such as bridges, dams, buildings, towers, etc., requires regular inspections to prioritize repairs and or replacement, if necessary. Drones allow for a safe and effective way of reaching hard to access areas or potentially hazardous locations.

Realtors – The latest marketing tool in real estate is the use of drone photography and video for online listings. Using a flying camera can produce dramatic sweeping video of the landscape and the home’s exterior. Altus Geomatics can provide this dramatic video that can assist in selling a home.

Altus Geomatics has completed the necessary training and has obtained a Special Flight Operations Certificate from Transport Canada to fly our drones in Atlantic Canada and the Western Provinces. Altus Geomatics is taking flight with this new technology.

Published on March 28th, 2017 at 08:34 pm