A property transaction can impact future taxes either negatively by producing a tax increase where the purchase price exceeds the current assessment, or positively, by providing an opportunity to reduce taxes where the current assessment exceeds the purchase price.

It is important that full tax due diligence is performed for every asset purchase. This includes a review of current property tax obligations and of the existing property assessment. It also includes an evaluation of any outstanding assessment appeals and an estimate of the tax liability for the property owner and the tenants with consideration to the sales transaction.

Our professionals will help to provide certainty and mitigate risks that may be assumed upon purchase. The process may include:

  • Reviewing and analyzing property tax recoveries to identify landlords’ opportunities to reduce shortfall and tax clause risks associated with non-compliance issues
  • Providing accurate and detailed tax forecasts for pro forma financial modeling
  • Identifying and making recommendations regarding any outstanding assessment or tax appeals
  • Identifying potential risks or exposure to future or retroactive tax increases
  • Ensuring future assessment appeal rights are not compromised by the vendors’ inadequate or non-compliance with assessment authority information requests

Featured Case Studies

Assessment Reviews & Appeals

Hyatt Regency Calgary

Reduced assessment results in gross tax savings for client
Property Tax Services

Kruger Inc.

Tax savings of over $2 million
Services: Site Inspection, Tax Consultation, Negotiations and Assessment Appeal, Property Tax Management
Property Tax Services

Whiffen Head Transshipment Facility

Reduction of $20 million in the assessed value of the facility and further substantial tax savings

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