Tax Management and Budgeting

Never be surprised by a tax bill.

  • Extensive local market experience allows us to understand property assessment and tax rate trends and the potential financial impact of a reassessment
  • Our integrated systems allow our offices to compile information on your portfolio to set up property tax accrual and bill processing procedures that meet deadlines and avoid penalties

Assessment Appeals

Data, experience, and relationships leveraged to receive a fair assessment.

  • By combining the right data with a solid business case we are able to achieve results earlier in the appeals process than our competitors, reducing the time owners wait to receive tax refunds
  • Our access to operational and market data is greater than any competitor in the property tax appeal sector
  • You receive clear and proactive communication on the status and results of our efforts through an on-demand client portal

Due Diligence & Tax Projections

As the single largest operating expense, taxes should guide your investment decisions.

  • Our due diligence reports will give you better insight into future tax liabilities, identifying potential risks and minimizing unexpected setbacks
  • With experts around the country who specialize in their local markets, and with experience across virtually all asset classes, our tax projections consider all relevant factors, mitigating unforeseen future tax expenses


Real estate assessment appeal produced over $525,000 in savings.
– Corporate Office Building

Featured Case Studies

Real property tax

Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center

Results: $6.6M tax savings
Services: Negotiations and Assessment Appeals
Real Property Tax

Multi-Family Building

Results: $277,000 tax savings
Services: Site Inspection, Tax Consultation, Negotiations & Assessment Appeal
Real Property Tax

Washington State Landlord

Results: $9,028,110 tax savings
Services: Real Property Tax Exemptions
Real & Personal Property Tax


Results: $50M tax savings
Services: Real property tax appeals, personal property tax appeals

Insights & Resources


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Relief for small properties, burdensome for the rest

Mecklenburg County, North Carolina 2019 Revaluation

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Altus Group Property Tax Report

Tax as the New Strategic Driver - How better commercial property tax management can mitigate risk and strengthen investment performance
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Taxing the Hospitality Industry

Are you Paying Excessive State and Local Taxes?
Join the experts from Altus Group in our three part webinar series and learn how to effectively manage your hotel’s property and business taxes to create value for your bottom line.

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Experts Who Perform This Service

Edwin Archbold

Director, Property Tax

Trey Beazley

Executive Vice President, Real Estate Consulting

Mark Bedford

Vice President, Property Tax

David Chitlik

Vice President, Property Tax

Jeremy Chitlik

Senior Director, Property Tax

Mike Fritz

Senior Director, Property Tax

Greg Kallas

Vice President, Property Tax

Renea Linton

Director, Property Tax

Ross Litkenhous

Vice President, Strategic Development

Scott Loots

Director, Property Tax

Alex Powell

Director, Property Tax

Jennifer Rogers

Director, Property Tax

Max Row

Senior Director, Real Estate Consulting

Tommy Tucker

Director, Property Tax

Rob Unkle

Director, Property Tax

Danny Walker

Senior Director, Property Tax

Mark Wood

Director, Property Tax
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