Location & Incentive Strategies

Maximize profitability by developing flexible business strategies that utilize state and local data to help our clients make critical decisions about acquisitions, consolidations, expansions, and relocation plans. We work either as an extension of our client’s team or in a fully outsourced capacity to manage credits and incentives through a customized solution based on each client’s unique incentives package.

We set ourselves apart from our competitors by integrating technical expertise with business acumen to maximize value for our clients. Our diligent, meticulous compliance and consulting work has resulted in productive relationships with state and local authorities, allowing us to take proactive measures to develop and implement the most effective long-term strategies. Altus Group’s LIS professionals have the expertise and knowledge to ensure incentives negotiated are implemented timely and accurately, and compliance requirements are met to secure maximum value through the life of the incentives.

The services we provide to help you build a Location and Incentive strategy are:
  • Site Selection: Utilize our expertise while preserving anonymity to evaluate potential locations and complete due diligence for your operations. Determine the location factors critical to your capital investments and network strategy.
  • Incentives Negotiation: Develop an incentive strategy that meets your business needs.
  • Incentive Implementation and Compliance: Allow our team to keep you up to date with quarterly, semi-annual, or annual reporting requirements as well as program changes. Incentives typically come with recipient commitments and multiple years of compliance and reporting requirements. Many companies have limited resources and expertise, or loss of institutional knowledge due to turnover, Due to these challenges it is generally accepted that only 50% of negotiated incentives are actually collected.
We are responsible for maintaining an incentive value in excess of $80 million on behalf of our clients over the next 10 – 15 years. These incentives are tied to performance commitments associated with:
  • Cash grants
  • Property tax credits/rebates/abatements
  • Job creation tax credits
  • Training grants
  • Sales & use tax refunds/credits
  • Infrastructure improvements
  • Other project specific incentives

Negotiated an incentives package consisting primarily of cash, cash equivalents, and property tax abatements in excess of $13 million.

-New Manufacturing and Distribution Facility

Featured Case Studies

Location & Incentive Strategies

Global Consumer Goods Company

Results: Integration of facility operations after the acquisition of a competitor
Services: Analysis of network operations, Identification of sites for expansion, Review of existing operations for additional investment or closure
Location & Incentive Strategies

Consumer Goods Manufacturer

Results: Increased incentives packages by $4M
Services: Project Positioning, Incentive Benchmark Analysis, Incentive Negotiation

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