Market Feasibility Studies

Successful projects begin with a firm understanding of the market forces of a given geographic location.

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Economic Studies

Analyzing the demographic, economic and financial conditions affecting the demand and supply of local commercial real estate markets.

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Municipal Finance Studies

Preparation of municipal finance impact studies and development charge analyses.

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Market Feasibility Studies

Successful projects begin with a firm understanding of the market forces of a given geographic location.  Many factors are assessed, including market profiling and forecasting, economic context, demographics, market impacts and more.

Altus Group offers strategic advice and recommendations to clients to mitigate risks and increase the likelihood of success.

Our market feasibility experience includes purpose-built rental, condominium apartment, low-rise housing, affordable housing, mixed-use, retail, office and industrial projects.

Outline perspective design sketch design of building and highway vectors.

Economic Studies

Growth Management Studies

Altus Group has a focused and effective reputation assisting land owners affected by growth management issues. Our studies and research will evaluate and peer review the work of governments and planning authorities on land budgeting, land-use entitlements and densities and assist in an array of other land-use planning issues. Our work on growth management has an exceptionally strong reputation at Tribunals, municipal councils and other authorities.

Demographic Projections and Housing Needs Studies

Projections of population and household growth for urban areas, municipalities and neighbourhoods stand alone as population studies and provides the drivers for our local area housing needs studies. These studies support affordable housing strategies, transportation and planning studies, retail needs studies and environmental assessments.

Investment Impact Studies

What impact will a new investment in housing, real estate or transportation infrastructure have on the economic development prospects of a local area? What impact will the economic development prospects have on the value of a potential investment. Our economic and fiscal impacts studies have an exceptional reputation amongst industry, governments and lenders for thoughtful, accurate and reliable reporting.

Economic and Planning Policy Impact Studies

Governments have control over economic policy, but policy changes felt by industry and consumers and can impact local or national economic development. Altus Group works with associations, industry and business groups to help understand and communicate the potential impact of change in government economic and planning policy.

Municipal Finance Studies

Development Charge Analyses

A new building is being constructed with use of tower crane

We provide research and analysis regarding development charges and other levies imposed on developers and homebuilders across Canada. Our services include the comprehensive review of development charge proposals, expert witness services for Tribunal hearings dealing with development charge issues and advice regarding development charge policies.

Municipal Finance Impact Studies

Yellow School bus with stop sigh in the street with red light open. Photo was taken in Canada.

Preparation of municipal finance impact studies for development proposals ranging from infill projects to greenfield areas. These studies range in depth from simple average cost analyses to detailed case studies, and examine the potential impacts on the assessment base, municipal revenues and capital and operating expenditures.

Our Experts Across Canada

Peter Norman

Vice President & Chief Economist, Research, Valuation & Advisory - Ontario

Jeannette Gillezeau

Senior Director, Research, Valuation & Advisory - Ontario

Jan Snyman

Senior Consultant, Research, Valuation & Advisory - Calgary

Robert Feldgaier

Senior Director, Research, Valuation & Advisory

Daryl Keleher

Senior Director, Economic Consulting, Research, Valuation & Advisory

Shawn Donahue

Senior Director, Research, Valuation & Advisory - Ontario

Elsa Sawatzky

Senior Consultant, Research, Valuation & Advisory

Dukhee Nam

Senior Consultant, Economic Consulting

Carlos Forte

Senior Consultant, Economic Consulting

Vincent Shirley

Senior Director, Research, Valuation & Advisory
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