March 22, 2017

Latest version of ARGUS Enterprise accelerates speed and efficiency of transactions with increased user productivity, better accessibility to data and more powerful reporting

TORONTO (March 22, 2017)-Altus Group Limited (“Altus Group”) (TSX: AIF) a leading provider of independent advisory services, software and data solutions to the global commercial real estate (“CRE”) industry, has launched ARGUS Enterprise 11.6 (“AE 11.6”) the most advanced version of its industry leading commercial real estate asset and investment management platform. AE 11.6 is a single platform that enables users to transact and value faster with simplified interfaces, more intuitive navigation and detailed reporting to help our customers gain portfolio transparency and optimize performance. ARGUS Enterprise has been adopted by thousands of customers and by the largest real estate service providers around the world.

“The CRE industry is becoming increasingly institutionalized and requires greater transparency to meet investor expectations for real-time information on assets, portfolios and investment performance. ARGUS Enterprise is a trusted industry solution that allows our customers to better leverage their data, analyze risk and gain visibility into their portfolio and investments on a global basis,” said Robert Courteau, Chief Executive Officer at Altus Group.

“Having used ARGUS Enterprise while previously working with a large public REIT and currently with a smaller private equity company, it is the ideal solution for quickly and efficiently analyzing transactions and ultimately determining the right valuation. The ease of use and robust reporting capabilities help us make timely strategic real estate investment decisions. ARGUS Enterprise is a must-have for organizations big and small,” said Jason Hicks, Senior Vice President, NEWPORT US RE, a US-based subsidiary of German private real estate company NEWPORT HOLDING GmbH.


AE 11.6 provides a number of key capabilities:

  • Dynamic User Experience: includes a simplified interface for key transaction and valuation roles with the ability to further configure and create additional profiles that align to individual business processes. This allows users to save time navigating and gain greater insights about assets more efficiently.
  • Increased User Productivity: allows users to quickly save, share and double-click to open files, and more easily drill down into tenant assumptions across multiple categories to understand how potential changes will directly impact property value.
  • More Powerful Reporting: enhanced summary reports deliver the most pertinent information underpinning property values enabling users to promptly determine if a property fits their buying criteria and assess the next steps.

As customers around the world continue to adopt and recognize the benefits of ARGUS Enterprise as their solution to transact, value and manage their commercial real estate assets, Altus Group will be discontinuing support for ARGUS DCF on June 30, 2017 and ARGUS ValCap on December 31, 2018. In order to ensure a smooth transition, AE 11.6 includes key functionality and productivity features specifically tailored for customers previously accustomed to legacy solutions ARGUS DCF or ARGUS ValCap.

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About Altus Group Limited

Altus Group Limited is a leading provider of independent advisory services, software and data solutions to the global commercial real estate industry. Our businesses, Altus Analytics and Altus Expert Services, reflect decades of experience, a range of expertise, and technology-enabled capabilities. Our solutions empower clients to analyze, gain market insight and recognize value on their real estate investments. Headquartered in Canada, we have approximately 2,300 employees around the world, with operations in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Our clients include some of the world’s largest real estate industry participants across a variety of sectors. Altus Group pays a quarterly dividend of $0.15 per share and our securities are traded on the TSX under the symbols AIF and AIF.DB.A.

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