30 April, 2019

Altus Group showcases new benchmarking, reporting and data analytics capabilities at its annual ARGUS Connect customer conference

TORONTO (April 30, 2019) – Altus Group Limited (ʺAltus Groupʺ or “the Company”) (TSX: AIF), a leading provider of software, data solutions and independent advisory services to the global commercial real estate (“CRE”) industry, introduced at its annual ARGUS Connect customer conference a new edition of ARGUS Cloud, featuring several new cloud-enabled solutions and capabilities.

ARGUS Cloud is a CRE asset and investment management cloud-based platform that leverages functionality and data from ARGUS solutions to enhance decision-making and portfolio transparency. It enables greater collaboration and streamlines workflows across teams and business functions by storing all information in one centralized location.

ARGUS Cloud seamlessly integrates with industry-standard ARGUS Enterprise (“AE”), delivering greater value to users through the ability to store, backup and access ARGUS files and leverage additional Altus Group cloud solutions. The ARGUS Cloud platform leverages the intelligence of AE to both support existing on-premise solutions and power a series of new critical web-based applications designed to better manage the challenges facing today’s CRE professionals.

Altus Group announced the following enhancements to ARGUS Cloud:

  • ARGUS Cloud Benchmarking & Reporting: A new capability that enables AE customers to get more value out of their AE portfolio data through benchmarking and reporting functionality. It allows customers to utilize comparables and dashboards to efficiently benchmark existing assets and portfolios to support enhanced analysis and effective decision-making. Future functionality will enable benchmarking with third-party data and aggregated AE peer data.
  • Cloud-Only Deployment of AE: As of July 2019, ARGUS Cloud will support cloud-only deployment of AE enabling customers to reduce or eliminate internal system management and related infrastructure costs by storing all of their data in the cloud while still supporting full integration with existing on-premise AE users.
  • ARGUS Cloud Support of Multi-AE Instance: As of July 2019, customers will be able to migrate multiple server instances of AE to a single, centralized cloud database providing enhanced access and visibility of AE files across their entire organizations. Centrally located models allow users to collaborate more easily across their business and with partners which simplifies workflow processes and ensures a consistent view of assets throughout their lifecycle.

Altus Group also announced:

  • Integration for ARGUS Asset & Investment Management Solutions: Complete product integration between three leading ARGUS platform solutions – ARGUS Enterprise, ARGUS Taliance and ARGUS Voyanta – reducing complexity and resulting in unified end-to-end asset and investment management. This integration provides the ability to aggregate all investments, structures, assets and data into a single platform, allowing for real time analytics, decision-making and reporting across the organization.

“The CRE industry is generating vast amounts of data and our customers globally are challenged with how they manage and use it more effectively,” said Bob Courteau, Chief Executive Officer of Altus Group. “As a key part of our cloud strategy, we’re solving for these challenges through innovative solutions that enable customers to do more with data and to utilize it in ways that drive greater value and performance.”

Altus Group’s annual ARGUS Connect customer conference is taking place in Laguna Niguel, California from April 29 to May 1 and features a compelling mix of keynote addresses, product roadmap discussions, breakout sessions and networking opportunities. For more information on ARGUS Connect 2019, please visit https://www.altusgroup.com/argus-connect-2019.

About Altus Group Limited

Altus Group Limited is a leading provider of software, data solutions and independent advisory services to the global commercial real estate industry. Our businesses, Altus Analytics and Altus Expert Services, reflect decades of experience, a range of expertise, and technology-enabled capabilities. Our solutions empower clients to analyze, gain insight and recognize value on their real estate investments. Headquartered in Canada, we have approximately 2,500 employees around the world, with operations in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Our clients include some of the world’s largest real estate industry participants. Altus Group pays a quarterly dividend of $0.15 per share and our shares are traded on the TSX under the symbol AIF.

For more information on Altus Group, please visit: www.altusgroup.com.


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