The Challenge

Built by an early Edmonton blacksmith and a man called Edmonton’s “Merchant Prince,” the Kelly and Ramsey Buildings offer a connection to the early years in the City of Edmonton. The two blocks are no longer the landmarks they once were, but that they have managed to escape demolition, even as their neighbors have fallen one by one.

The Kelly (1914) and Ramsey (1927) Blocks are actually two buildings, constructed 13 years apart and have been vacant since they were badly damaged by fire on March 24, 2009.

The south and east facades of the historic buildings will be dismantled and rebuilt as the base of a 29-storey, $250-million office and retail project. The bricks and windows will be reused or reproduced, but most of the remainder will go.


In total, 2,482,745,184 points were captured within a 10 hour period. The data collected covers a 15,000 m² area and fully documents The Kelly Ramsey Blocks, The Moser Ryder Building (currently The Swedish Jewellers), The east face of the Manulife Building and the one-storey Sony Building.

All the modeling was carried out in the latest modeling software using the native point cloud support. By creating a full 3D CAD/ REVIT model, Altus Geomatics offers a new innovative approach to conventional surveys. This working method also allows greater accuracy and detail to be added to the CAD/ REVIT model, which can be adapted to meet the client’s needs. Delivering the finished survey in CAD and REVIT, the client can start working with the data immediately, without special training or costly plugins.