Client Profile

Cyclus Property is an independent, privately-held, advisory firm working with corporations, partnerships and institutions to provide commercial real estate investment and asset management services.

The company’s founders had previously successfully utilized ARGUS Valuation DCF to appraise assets and model portfolios in Europe. When they established Cyclus Property in the Netherlands, they again turned to ARGUS Software, this time upgrading to ARGUS Enterprise. “We’ve known about ARGUS products for a long time – the software fits with how we work, instead of us having to change to fit to how it works,” said Founding Partner André Halm. In growing its portfolio to over 35,000 square metres of commercial real estate across the Netherlands, Cyclus Property had a clear requirement for high-end off-the-shelf software to consolidate its forecasting, valuation and cash flow analysis needs.

The Challenge

Upon commencing its operations in the Netherlands, Cyclus Property was presented with a need to find a software solution that was flexible enough to capture the minutiae of local market characteristics, but robust enough to translate this into reporting which is compatible for international institutional investors.

In addition, this requirement was replicated across the variety of services that Cyclus Property provides to its clients, from investment analysis for transactions through to active asset management of existing portfolios. These factors combined sharpened the need for a flexible and all-encompassing software solution.

The Solution

ARGUS Enterprise provides hassle-free forecasting.

Having previously used ARGUS Valuation DCF to quickly and efficiently model German CRE assets, Cyclus Property promptly turned to ARGUS Software when it founded its operations in the Netherlands. Currently, it uses ARGUS Enterprise 10 for cash flow forecasting and appraising properties to ensure that informed strategic investment decisions are rigorous, precise and include accurate analysis of underlying assumptions. With an enhanced interface, dashboards, and the ability to quickly and easily model various investment structures, ARGUS Enterprise is a comprehensive and professional-grade solution enabling Cyclus Property to effectively service its clients. ARGUS Enterprise has provided the company with a powerful tool to produce detailed and transparent modelling that can quickly assess various macroeconomic and asset-level scenarios and their impact on portfolio value. “ARGUS Enterprise is more sophisticated than other solutions we’ve looked at and easier to work with, including an uncomplicated maintenance process and easy updates,” added Halm.

“As an asset management firm, we deal with all aspects of the real estate market,” said halm. “The improved user experience and its robust capabilities make ARGUS Enterprise a natural choice for our business.”

The Result

ARGUS provides Cyclus Property an improved and more efficient platform to make decisions from. When it comes to cash flow forecasting, for example, a key improvement for the Cyclus Property team is that it can now solely focus on inputs and outputs, without spending undue time reviewing how the model is built and its veracity. “Imagine working with an inferior calculation program, you have to model manually so it’s time consuming, subject to error and less transparent,” said Halm. “By working with ARGUS Enterprise, we’ve achieved hassle-free and sophisticated cash flow modeling with complete transparency. It’s a powerful tool in our daily work.”