Client Profile

The Ashbridges Bay Maintenance Shed Facility project is situated on an 8.5 hectare brown field site and features a 13,000 m2 maintenance shop that includes repair bays, paint booths, washing facilities, parts storage with associated track and overhead traction power supply and a 6,600 m2 office and staff services area including training areas, locker-rooms, shower areas and amenities space. Also included is 7,000 m of embedded track, 1 km of connecting track and the relocation of all affected Leslie Street utilities.

The Result

This facility is used as the maintenance site for the city’s new streetcar fleet since they arrived in 2013. With our highly skilled and experienced personnel based in Canada, we are able to draw upon a diverse array of real estate experts to resolve the challenges that confront our clients. Our expertise includes real estate appraisal for all asset classes, financial analysis and modeling, urban land economics, costing specialists, project management, asset strategy, capital planning, market research, demographic analysis, land use planning, management consultation, property tax specialists and geomatics.